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CASHLESS SERVICES FOR ALMOST ALL MEDICLAIM PATIENTS - Phaco, Cataract, Glaucoma, Squint, Retina, Contact Lens
Phaco (Stitchless) Lens Transplant Surgery:
1. With or without Foldable Lens:
Aspheric & Multifocal IOL
2. Recovery within Hours. You can DRIVE home
3. No Restriction on Activity & Food.
4. Non Phaco Surgery also available.
It is a condition of raised intraocular pressure, which can gradually cause Permanent & Irreparable Blindness. Mostly hereditary, occurs mostly after 35 years. May not have any symptoms. May have slight ocular pain or watering in the eye, ocular discomfort or early presbyopia or night blindness. Diabetic patients and Myopic eyes are more prone. Needs most often Glaucoma Specialist to diagnose. Proper recording of intraocular pressure, a Fundus examination to see the changes in the Optic Disc and Automated Computerized Perimetry are most important to diagnose the disease at early stage. Drugs control the disease but when drugs fail, surgery can be carried out for permanent relief. Some times instillation of Cortisone drops used for eye allergy can cause glaucoma even in young children. It is important the Glaucoma patient must be under constant care of an expert Ophthalmologist even after successful surgery. There can be cases where the pressure is just 17mm of mercury and still they may be glaucomatous. Such eyes are called Low Tension or Normotensive Glaucoma.

Goldman Tonometry               Affected Fields in Glaucoma (Automated Computerized Fields)
1. Dr. M.R. Jain is India's leading Glaucoma specialist.
2. Editor of TEXT BOOK OF GLAUCOMA IN 1991
3. Advanced Microsurgical & Laser Procedure.
Advanced Contact Lens Fitting Center: Cosmetic & Optical : Soft and Extended Wear
Oculoplastic Surgery:
Contact Lens:
Automated Perimetry:
Most important diagnostic tool of glaucoma. Recorded automated fields.
                  Level (Shaded)                               Age Normal Deviation
All at this center: with experts in the art